After you upgrade VSA Manager from version 5.1.x to version 5.5 or later, you can upgrade existing VSA clusters.

Perform this procedure for each cluster you want to upgrade.



  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select the datacenter that accommodates the VSA cluster, click the Manage tab, and click VSA Manager.
  2. On the VSA Cluster Properties pane, click the Actions button.
  3. Select Upgrade.
  4. Confirm that you are ready to start the upgrade.
  5. Click the Upgrade button to perform the upgrade.


The upgrade process automatically puts the cluster into maintenance mode. The system upgrades the VSA cluster making sure that the versions of VSA Manager and VSA cluster match.

What to do next

  • Verify that the VSA cluster is properly updated by checking the new version on the Product Information page.
  • Verify that the cluster includes all correct components.
  • Make sure that the cluster successfully exits maintenance mode.
  • Verify that the VSA cluster service file reflects the latest version. For more information, see Update the Outdated Version of VSA Cluster Service.