Several options exist that allow you to remove a VSA cluster from a particular vCenter Server.

Simply removing the VSA HA cluster or the ESXi hosts from vCenter Server does not guarantee that vCenter Server stops managing the VSA cluster. To properly remove the VSA HA cluster from vCenter Server, use one of the following options:
  • If you no longer need the VSA cluster, run the cleanup.bat script to delete the cluster from vCenter Server. See Delete a VSA Cluster.
  • If you want the cluster to be managed by a different vCenter Server system, follow these guidelines:
    • Move the cluster by changing the IP addresses of the cluster members. You can then restore the cluster on vCenter Server of your choice. See Moving a VSA Cluster.
    • Stop VMware Virtual Center Management Webservices, delete the datacenter where the VSA cluster resides, and restart VMware Virtual Center Management Webservices. Then recover the cluster on a new vCenter Server. See Recover the Management of an Existing VSA Cluster.