Before you continute with the network reconfiguration, you can verify the data you entered and then start the reconfiguration proces.


  1. On the Verify Configuration page, review the new network configuration and click Install.
  2. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.


The Reconfigure Network page of the wizard appears with the progress of the reconfiguration task. The Reconfigure VSA Cluster Network wizard powers off all VSA virtual machines and updates the virtual switch configuration of the ESXi hosts. After this step, the wizard powers on the VSA virtual machines and reconfigures their network interfaces. To assign the new IP addresses to the VSA datastores, the wizard unregisters all virtual machines from the inventory, unmounts the VSA datastores from the ESXi hosts, assigns new addresses to the datastores, mounts them back to each ESXi host, and then adds the virtual machines again to the inventory. When the wizard completes the task successfully, a message appears that says that the VSA cluster network is reconfigured. When the virtual machines are reregistered, an information icon indicates changes to their configuration.

What to do next

Complete the Reconfigure VSA Cluster Network wizard.