Install the VSA cluster service separately on a 64-bit Linux machine.


Obtain the root privileges before starting the installation procedure. Run the installation script as a root user.


  1. Download and unzip the file into a $TEMP temporary location.
  2. Install the VSA cluster service by running the sudo $TEMP/setup/ command.
    The command uses default installation options. It creates a new vmwarevcsadmin user and installs the VSA cluster service into the home directory of that user.
  3. Modify the firewall rules to allow incoming TCP/IP connections on port range 4330-4339.
    Perform this step only if during the installation process a warning message requested you to modify the firewall rules. If the message did not appear, the installer was able to modify the firewall rules and no further firewall changes are required.


After installation completes, the cluster service starts automatically.

What to do next

Delete the $TEMP directory after the installation completes successfully.