You can put the VSA cluster in maintenance mode to perform maintenance tasks on any of its components (hosts, datastores, networking, and so on).


With the exception of the VSA virtual machines, shut down the operating systems and power off all virtual machines in the VSA cluster.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select the datacenter that accommodates the VSA cluster, click the Manage tab, and click VSA Manager.
  2. On the VSA Cluster Properties pane, click the Actions button.
  3. Select Enter VSA Cluster Maintenance Mode.
    A confirmation dialog box appears.
  4. Click Yes in the dialog box.
    The VSA cluster status is now Maintenance and the status of all datastores is now Offline.
  5. Perform maintenance tasks on the hardware or on the software within the VSA cluster.
  6. After you complete the maintenance, click Exit VSA Cluster Maintenance Mode.
    The status of the VSA cluster and the datastores changes to Online.