If you use previous versions of vSphere Storage Appliance, upgrade you environment to version 5.5 or later.

The upgrade process you use depends on the current version of vSphere Storage Appliance.

For an upgrade from vSphere Storage Appliance version 1.x, you use the VSA Manager Installer to upgrade all components at the same time. The single upgrade procedure upgrades VSA Manager, the VSA cluster service, and the VSA cluster appliances.

If you upgrade from a 5.1.x version, the VSA Manager Installer upgrades VSA Manager only. Any existing cluster appliances remain at their original version and you can upgrade them separately.

The following table shows version compatibility for VSA Manager and VSA cluster appliances.

Table 1. Version Compatibility
VSA Manager VSA Appliance
1.0 1.0
5.1.x 5.1.x
5.5 5.5
5.5 .1 5.5 .1