To isolate the management traffic of the ESXi hosts within the VSA cluster network, assign the same VLAN ID to each ESXi host that you want to add to the VSA cluster. Using VLANs is optional.


Note: Using VLAN IDs is not mandatory.

Configure your Ethernet switches with the VLAN IDs that your ESXi hosts should use. If you are using VLANs, the NICs must be on trunking ports.


  1. In the System Customization menu, select Configure Management Network by using the keyboard arrows and press Enter.
  2. In the Configure Management Network menu, select VLAN (option) and press Enter.
  3. In the VLAN ID input text box, type the VLAN ID of the virtual LAN that your ESXi should use, and press Enter.


The VLAN ID for the ESXi host is set.

What to do next

Configure DNS on each ESXi host.