Make sure that your environment meets the hardware and configuration requirements to create a VSA cluster.

Ensure that you have the hardware resources needed to install a VSA cluster.

  • Physical or virtual machine that runs vCenter Server. You can run vCenter Server on one of the ESXi hosts in the VSA cluster.
  • Two or three physical hosts with ESXi installed. The hosts networking must be all the same type of ESXi installation, either greenfield or brownfield. With the greenfield installation, all hosts use the freshly installed ESXi and have the default networking setup. With brownfield, you can use existing hosts that have non-default vSwitches and port groups, but you must manually create and configure the port groups required by VSA. VSA does not support combining freshly installed ESXi and modified ESXi hosts in a single cluster.
  • At least one Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch.