vSphere Storage Appliance provides an option for the VSA cluster installation to retrieve the VSA .vmdk files from a local directory on an ESXi host rather than from vCenter Server.

This alternative option is helpful when your Remote Office - Branch Office (ROBO) installation and deployment experience failures due to network problems. Placing the VSA .vmdk files locally reduces the amount of network traffic required during the VSA cluster deployment.

You manually place the .vmdk files on the ESXi hosts before you start the VSA cluster creation. The VSA installer first looks in this local directory, and then in the standard location for these files. You can also use this procedure when replacing a VSA cluster member and when you have limited bandwidth between vCenter Server and the ESXi hosts.


  1. On the system where vCenter Server is running, locate the VSA system files sva_system1.vmdk and sva_system2.vmdk in this directory:
    C: \Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\webapps\VSAManager\ovf

    If vCenter Server was installed on a drive other than C:, use an appropriate letter.

  2. Copy sva_system1.vmdk and sva_system2.vmdk to the following directory on each ESXi host that you use for the VSA cluster.
  3. Run the VSA installer as usual.
    Entries in the VSA manager log indicate that the files are copied from the local datastore. The entries are similar to the following:
    Performing VMDK copy of: /vsa-ovf/sva_system2.vmdk to: /VSA-1/VSA-1_17.vmdk on datastore: datastore-1277
    Completed VMDK copy of: /vsa-ovf/sva_system2.vmdk to: /VSA-0/VSA-0_17.vmdk on datastore: datastore-1285. task state: success