After you create the VSA cluster, verify that the correct number of VSA datastores appears in the vSphere Web Client.


  1. From the vSphere Web Client Home, click vCenter.
  2. Under Inventory Lists, click the Datastores category.
    The number of VSA datastores must match the number of ESXi hosts that you added to the VSA cluster.
  3. Select each datastore and click Manage > Settings > General to view datastore properties.
  4. Verify that all datastores have the same total, free, and provisioned capacity in the Capacity panel.
  5. Select each datastore and click Manage > Settings > Connectivity with Hosts.
  6. Verify that the status of each datastore is Mounted for each ESXi host in the datacenter.
    The Mounted status shows that each ESXi host has access to the matching datastore and can read and write on it.

What to do next

You can start deploying virtual machines on the VSA datastores.