You can move a VSA cluster from one location to another.

An ability to move a cluster allows you to create and test a VSA cluster in one location, such as a central office, and then turn off the cluster and migrate it to another location, such as a remote office. At the destination location, vCenter Server can discover the cluster and recover it in a different network.

Note: The move cluster operation does not support virtual machines other that VSA virtual machines to be present on the ESXi hosts. If you created any virtual machines on the ESXi hosts VSA datastores, unregister them from vCenter Server inventory before starting the move operation. These virtual machines can remain on the local VMFS volume.
When you move a VSA cluster, you perform several tasks.
  1. Power down the cluster at the original location. See Prepare a VSA Cluster to Be Moved.
  2. Reconfigure networking for the cluster components. See Reconfigure VSA Cluster Components.
  3. Reconstruct the cluster at the destination location. See Complete VSA Cluster Move.
  4. Reconfigure the VSA cluster network. See Reconfigure the VSA Cluster Network.