After you install the VSA cluster service, use the vmvcs script to send the service control commands such as stop, start, query the status, and so on.


Run one of the following commands:
  • On Windows, $INSTALL_HOME/bin/vmvcs.bat command.
  • On Linux, $INSTALL_HOME/bin/vmvcs command
Table 1. Commands Supported by vmvcs Script
Command Description Platform
start Starts the cluster service as a system service. Windows and Linux
stop Stops the cluster service. Windows and Linux
restart Restarts the cluster service. Windows and Linux
console Starts the cluster service in a console mode as a foreground process. Use CTRL+C to stop it. Windows and Linux
status Provides status of the cluster service process (running/not running). Windows and Linux
cleanup Cleans the state of a cluster member. Run this command if you want to use this member as a part of another cluster or want to rebuild the cluster. Windows and Linux
condrestart Restarts the cluster service but only if it is currently running. Linux only
dump Dumps Java thread stack traces. Useful for debugging to understand the Java process thread states. Linux only