After you configure the ESXi host network settings, you can test the management network of the host to verify that it is working correctly.


Configure the ESXi host IP address, VLAN ID, and DNS servers.


  1. In the System Customization menu, select Test Management Network and press Enter.
    The Test Management Network dialog box appears. The dialog box contains the gateway IP address of the subnet and the DNS servers that you specified.
  2. To test if the ESXi host management network, press Enter.
    ESXi performs the following tests:
    • pings the subnet gateway specified
    • pings the primary DNS server specified
    • pings the alternate DNS server specified
    • resolves the hostname of the ESXi host
  3. If any of the tests fail, verify that you specified the correct settings in the respective configuration menu and rerun the tests.

What to do next

Press Esc to log out of the ESXi system customization and close the remote console. You can now connect the configured ESXi hosts to a vCenter Server.