You can use a single RAID configuration when you install additional physical disks on ESXi hosts, replace physical disks with larger disks, or convert the existing hardware RAID level to another RAID level to increase the usable storage capacity.

This approach requires that you take a cluster member offline and reconfigure its physical storage using a single RAID as a configuration option. You then reintroduce the cluster member into the VSA cluster. The VSA cluster detects additional storage capacity and can be expanded.
Note: When you use this approach, on disk data is destroyed. However, data is preserved on mirror replicas if you perform all tasks for one node at a time. The data is synchronised back when you replace a cluster member.
The workflow includes several tasks.
  1. Place the VSA cluster into maintenance mode. See Perform Maintenance Tasks on the Entire VSA Cluster.
  2. Power off and remove the ESXi host to reconfigure.
  3. Reconfigure host's physical storage capacity and create a single RAID. See Reconfigure Storage on an ESXi Host.
  4. Reinstall ESXi on the host and add the new ESXi host to the VSA datacenter.
  5. Reintroduce the host to the VSA cluster. See Replace a VSA Cluster Member.
  6. Expand the VSA cluster. See Increase VSA Cluster Storage Capacity.