If your vCenter Server machine or vCenter Server installation fail permanently, the VSA cluster continues working but you cannot manage it from VSA Manager.


If your vCenter Server machine fails, you cannot use VSA Manager to view information about the cluster or do maintenance tasks.


A hardware component might stop working or a permanent software failure might require that you reinstall your vCenter Server on another computer.


  1. Reinstall vCenter Server on the same machine or on another machine.
  2. Configure the new vCenter Server to use the same IP address and configuration settings as the machine that stopped working.
  3. If you make frequent backups of the vCenter Server database, restore the most recent copy.
  4. Install VSA Manager on the new vCenter Server machine.
  5. Connect to the reinstalled vCenter Server with the client and access the VSA Manager page.
  6. Recover your VSA cluster.
    The Recover VSA Cluster workflow recreates the HA cluster.
  7. Verify the cluster data after the recovery completes.
  8. In the inventory, drag and drop the ESXi hosts on the VSA HA cluster object.