Before you create a VSA cluster, you must create a datacenter and add ESXi hosts in vCenter Server.

You can create a VSA cluster with two or three ESXi hosts. The hosts that you add to the cluster can have newly installed ESXi. You can also use existing hosts that have virtual machines running on their local datastores.
Note: After you create the cluster, move the virtual machines that reside on the hosts' local VMFS datastores to the VSA datastores. The only virtual machine that can remain on the local VMFS volume is the vCenter Server virtual machine.
The number of available datastores in the VSA cluster equals the number of hosts that you add to it. Creating a cluster with three hosts makes the cluster more reliable and provides more datastore space.

You can skip this procedure, if you use the VSA Automated Installer.

Note: If you plan use a single vCenter Server to manage multiple VSA clusters, create a separate datacenter object for each VSA cluster.


  1. Create a new datacenter.
    1. Browse to the vCenter Server system in the vSphere Web Client.
    2. Click Actions > New Datacenter.
    3. Enter a name for the datacenter and click OK.
    A new datacenter object appears on the list of datacenters.
  2. Add hosts to the new datacenter.
    1. Navigate to a datacenter and click the Add Host icon.
    2. Type the IP address or the name of the host and click Next.
    3. Type administrator credentials and click Next.
    4. Review the host summary and click Next.
    5. Assign a license key to the host.
    6. Select Enable Lockdown Mode to disable remote access for the administrator account after vCenter Server takes control of this host.
      Selecting this check box ensures that the host is managed only through vCenter Server. You can perform certain management tasks while in lockdown mode by logging into the local console on the host.
    7. If you add the host to a datacenter or a folder, select a location for the virtual machines that reside on the host and click Next.
    8. Review the summary and click Finish.
    9. Repeat any applicable steps to add another ESXi host.

What to do next

You can now create the VSA cluster by running the VSA Installer wizard.