The VSA cluster IP address belongs to the VSA cluster member that is elected to be the leader of the VSA cluster. If another member is elected as the leader, the VSA cluster IP address is assigned to the new leader member. You can change the IP address after you install the VSA cluster.

Note: Do not change the IP address of any individual hosts that form the VSA cluster. If you do so, you might break the VSA cluster.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select the datacenter that accommodates the VSA cluster, click the Manage tab, and click VSA Manager.
  2. On the VSA Cluster Properties pane, click the Actions button.
  3. Select Modify VSA Cluster IP.
  4. Provide a new cluster management IP address in the VSA Cluster Properties dialog box.

    The new IP address must be in the same subnet as the ESXi hosts that are members of the cluster.

    Important: You cannot change the netmask and the default gateway. This ensures that the new IP address is in the same subnet as the cluster members.
  5. Click OK.


The VSA cluster IP address is now changed.