The VSA automated installer includes vSphere Storage Appliance, VSA Manager, and an installation script that installs the components and creates a VSA cluster.

Note: The latest VSA automated installer does not include vCenter Server. Install vCenter Server and the vSphere Web Client before you run the VSA installer.

When you run the VSA automated installer, the following takes place:

  1. The VSA automated installer scans the subnet for available IP addresses of the ESXi hosts and performs silent installation of the following VSA cluster components:
    • VSA Manager
    • VSA cluster service (installed, but used only if two ESXi hosts are available in the subnet)
  2. After all components are installed, the installer performs the tasks to create a VSA cluster.
    1. Creates a datacenter and adds the ESXi hosts to it.
    2. Updates the network configuration of the ESXi hosts.
    3. Deploys the vSphere Storage Appliance onto the ESXi hosts.
    4. Starts the VSA cluster service if only two ESXi hosts are present.
    5. Powers on each instance of vSphere Storage Appliance and creates the VSA cluster.
    6. Mounts the VSA datastores to each ESXi host in the datacenter.