You can view information about the name, status, network settings, and aggregated capacity of the VSA cluster.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select the datacenter that accommodates the VSA cluster, click the Manage tab, and click VSA Manager.
  2. On the VSA Manager page, view information about the storage cluster in the VSA Cluster Properties panel.
    • View the name and status of the cluster under VSA Cluster Status.
    • If your VSA cluster has two members, view the IP address and status of the VSA cluster service under VSA Cluster Status.
    • View the cluster management IP address under VSA Cluster Network.

      The VSA cluster IP address is assigned to the member leader of the cluster and is used to manage communication and tasks between all VSA cluster members.

    • View the capacity of the VSA cluster under Capacity.
      Option Description
      Physical Capacity View the total physical capacity of the hard disks that are installed on all ESXi hosts.
      Storage Capacity View the total capacity of the VSA datastores that you can use to store virtual machines and virtual disks.