You can uninstall VSA Manager if you have deleted the VSA cluster and no longer use the plug-in for maintenance and monitoring.

When you uninstall VSA Manager while the VSA cluster is still running, the VSA Manager plug-in and the VSA Manager page are removed from vCenter Server and the VSA cluster service is stopped and deleted. As a result, you can no longer use VSA Manager to monitor or reconfigure the VSA cluster. Also, in a 2-member VSA cluster, the VSA cluster service can no longer provide an additional vote in the election of the VSA cluster leader. In this case, the VSA cluster status might become Offline, and the VSA storage becomes unavailable.

Important: To ensure that a running 2-member VSA cluster is available and its status is Online, do not uninstall VSA Manager. If you have a 3-member VSA cluster, the VSA cluster continues working without interruption even if you uninstall VSA Manager.


  1. Open the list of programs on the Windows Server system that runs VSA Manager and vCenter Server.
    Option Description
    Windows Server 2003 In Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs.
    Windows Server 2008 In Control Panel, under the Programs section select Uninstall a Program.
  2. From the list of programs, select VMware vSphere Storage Appliance Manager and click Uninstall.
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.


The VSA Manager plug-in and the VSA cluster service are uninstalled. The VSA Manager page no longer appears.

What to do next

When you uninstall VSA Manager, VSA's persistent data and logs located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\VSA Manager remain intact.

If you later plan to reinstall VSA Manager and manage your old clusters again, do not delete contents of this folder.