Complete the VSA cluster move by recovering the VSA cluster at a destination location.

At the destination location, vCenter Server reconstructs the VSA cluster while using the IP addresses of VSA cluster members to access them and add to the cluster.


  • Reconfigure networking for the cluster components. For information, see Reconfigure VSA Cluster Components.
  • Verify that VSA virtual machines have not been modified. Their names and annotations remain unchanged.
  • Verify that VSA datastores remain mounted on the ESXi hosts even though the datastores are offline.
  • If you reconfigured networking on the ESXi hosts that are VSA cluster members, make sure that all hosts are on the same subnet.
  • Verify that all ESXi hosts in the cluster have the same root password.
  • Verify that all ESXi hosts in the cluster are powered on and are ready to be added to vCenter Server.
  • Make sure that all VSA virtual machines are powered off.
  • If you use a two node cluster, verify that the VSA cluster service is up and running.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select the datacenter that has no configured VSA clusters, and click Manage > VSA Manager.
    The VSA Installer wizard opens.
  2. On the Welcome page, select Complete Move Operation and click Next.
  3. Type the required information to recover the offline VSA cluster and click Next.
    Option Action
    VSA Cluster User Name Type svaadmin.
    VSA Cluster Password Type the VSA cluster password. The default VSA cluster password is svapass.
    ESXi Host User Name Type root.
    ESXi Host Password Type the ESXi host password.
    Cluster Type Select the cluster type, 2 node or 3 node.
    VSA Host Name or IP Type the host name or static IP address of each ESXi host that is part of the VSA cluster.
    Cluster Service IP Address (2 node cluster only) Type the static IP address of the VSA cluster service. The VSA cluster service should be up and running at the specified address.
    Note: If the information you provide is not correct, VSA Manager cannot detect the VSA cluster and shows an error message. If you enter a wrong password, you can reset the cluster password and retry the recover operation.
  4. Review the information and confirm that you accept the VSA security policy.
  5. Click Recover, and confirm that you want to start the recovery process.
    VSA Manager starts the VSA cluster recovery and shows the progress on the Recover VSA Cluster page.


VSA Manager detects the VSA cluster members, and restores the cluster and all virtual machines configured on the cluster. If you changed subnet mask and gateway parameters on ESXi hosts, the cluster network is set to the new values configured on the ESXi hosts. VSA Manager verifies that all cluster members and all IPs assigned to the VSA virtual machines are in the same subnet.

What to do next

After the recovery process finishes, click Reconfigure to open the reconfigure network wizard. See Reconfigure the VSA Cluster Network.