You can create multiple VSA clusters and manage them using one centrally located vCenter Server.

Because vCenter Server and VSA Manager do not need to be in the same subnet as VSA clusters, you can have vCenter Server and VSA Manager installed in one location and use them to manage multiple VSA clusters in different remote locations. You can create new VSA clusters or add existing clusters to vCenter Server.

When you use multiple VSA clusters, certain considerations apply:
  • Use a single datacenter for each VSA cluster.
  • Manage one VSA cluster at a time. To manage VSA clusters, you switch between corresponding datacenters.
  • Any management tasks performed on a VSA cluster do not affect other clusters and datacenters.
  • VSA Manager supports concurrent management tasks on different VSA clusters. While a VSA cluster completes a particular management operation, you can switch to a different datacenter to work with another cluster.