You must provide the IP address of the VSA cluster and the credentials needed to authenticate with the cluster.


Make sure that all ESXi hosts in the cluster have the same root password.


  1. On the VSA Cluster Information page of the VSA Installer wizard, type the required information to recover the existing VSA cluster and click Next.
    Option Action
    VSA Cluster IP Address Type the VSA cluster IP address.
    Note: If you type a wrong IP address, VSA Manager cannot recover the VSA cluster and shows an error message.
    VSA Cluster User Name Type svaadmin.
    VSA Cluster Password Type the VSA cluster password. The default VSA cluster password is svapass.
    ESXi Host User Name Type root.
    ESXi Host Password Type the ESXi host password.
    The system checks the status of the VSA cluster you are recovering. If the cluster is online, you can proceed with the recovery. You cannot continue if the cluster is offline.
  2. For the online cluster, click Next.
    The Verify Configuration page appears.