When you create a vSphere HA cluster or configure an existing cluster, you must configure settings that determine how the feature works.

In the vSphere Web Client, you can configure the following vSphere HA settings:

Host Monitoring
Enable host monitoring to allow hosts in the cluster to exchange network heartbeats and to allow vSphere HA to take action when it detects failures. You can also set the VM restart priority and host isolation response here.
Note: Host Monitoring is required for the vSphere Fault Tolerance recovery process to work properly.
Admission Control
Enable or disable admission control for the vSphere HA cluster and choose a policy for how it is enforced.
VM Monitoring
Enable VM Monitoring or VM and Application Monitoring.
Datastore Heartbeating
Specify preferences for the datastores that vSphere HA uses for datastore heartbeating.
Advanced Options
Customize vSphere HA behavior by setting advanced options.