Generally, you do not have to change the default multipathing settings your host uses for a specific storage device. However, if you want to make any changes, you can use the Manage Paths dialog box to modify a path selection policy and specify the preferred path for the Fixed policy.


  1. Open the Manage Paths dialog box either from the Datastores or Devices view.
  2. Select a path selection policy.

    By default, VMware supports the following path selection policies. If you have a third-party PSP installed on your host, its policy also appears on the list.

    • Fixed (VMware)

    • Most Recently Used (VMware)

    • Round Robin (VMware)

  3. For the fixed policy, specify the preferred path by right-clicking the path you want to assign as the preferred path, and selecting Preferred.
  4. Click OK to save your settings and exit the dialog box.