You can confirm the compliance of a host or cluster to its attached Host Profile and determine which, if any, configuration parameters on a host are different from those specified in the Host Profile.


  1. Navigate to a Host Profile.

    The Objects tab lists all Host Profies, the number or hosts attached to that Host Profile, and summarized results of the last compliance check.

  2. Click the Check Host Profile Compliance icon (Check Host Profile Compliance icon).


In the Objects tab, the compliance status is updated as Compliant, Unknown, or Non-compliant.

A non-compliant status indicates a discovered and specific inconsistency between the profile and the host. To resolve this, you should remediate the host. And unknown status indicates that the compliance of the host could not be verified; to resolve the issue, remediate the host through the Host Profile.

What to do next

To see more detail on compliance failures, select a Host Profile from the Objects tab for which the last compliance check produced one or more failures. In order to see specific detail on which parameters differ between the host that failed compliance and the Host Profile, click on the Monitor tab and select the Compliance view. Then, expand the object hierarchy and select the failing host. The differing parametersare displayed in the Compliance window, below the hierarchy.