The vCenter Server Appliance includes an Auto Deploy server. You can also use the appliance with a standalone Auto Deploy server.


  • Deploy the vCenter Server Appliance.
  • Obtain the vCenter Server installation media, which include the Auto Deploy installer.
  • Verify that the Windows system that you want to use for Auto Deploy meets the requirements for vCenter Server installation. Auto Deploy has the same requirements.


  1. If Auto Deploy is running on the vCenter Server Appliance, stop the built-in Auto Deploy server and unregister Auto Deploy from the Linux command prompt.
    service vmware-rdb-watchdog stop
    autodeploy-register --unregister -a localhost -l
    If you never started Auto Deploy on the appliance, this step is not necessary.
  2. Using the vCenter Server installation media, install Auto Deploy on a Windows system and provide the vCenter Server Appliance information when prompted for the vCenter Server.


Your standalone Auto Deploy installation is now associated with the vCenter Server on the vCenter Server Appliance.