You can restore a backup of your Inventory Service database for disaster recovery, after a vCenter Server upgrade, or to move the database to a new machine.

About this task

The machine that you back up the database from is the source machine. The machine that you restore the database to is the destination machine.


  • Consult your database administrator about backing up and restoring databases.

  • Verify that you have system administrator privileges to perform backup or restore operations.


  1. On the destination machine, open a console and run the service vmware-inventoryservice stop command to stop the Inventory Service before you restore the Inventory Service database.
  2. On the destination machine, open a command prompt in the vCenter Server and change the directory to /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/inventoryservice/scripts/.
  3. Run the following command at the prompt to restore the Inventory Service database.

    ./ -backup backup_file_name

    When the restore operation finishes, the message The Restore completed successfully message appears at the command prompt.