If a vCenter Server in a Linked Mode group has multiple network interfaces, you must set the IP address that the vCenter Server advertises to the other vCenter Servers in the Linked Mode group.

Unless you set the IP address, the vSphere Web Client will not work properly with the vCenter Server.


  1. On the vCenter Server host machine, using a text editor, open the file Inventory_Service_installation_directory/lib/server/config/query-server-config.xml.
  2. Find the following line.
    !-- <property name="externalAddress" value="" /> /--
  3. Change the line as follows.
    <property name="externalAddress" value="IP_address" />

    IP_address is the IP address of this machine on a subnet that will be used to communicate with other vCenter Server instances in the Linked Mode group.

  4. Restart the vCenter Inventory Service.
    1. In the Administrative Tools control panel, select Services.
    2. Right-click vCenter Inventory Service and select Start.
      The status changes to Started.


The IP address is configured.