By default, Auto Deploy on the vCenter Server Appliance is preconfigured to use the vCenter Server system running on the appliance. You can set up Auto Deploy to use a different vCenter Server system.


  • Deploy the vCenter Server Appliance.
  • Install a vCenter Server system to use with Auto Deploy.


  1. If Auto Deploy is running on the vCenter Server Appliance, stop the built-in Auto Deploy server and unregister Auto Deploy from the Linux command prompt.
    service vmware-rbd-watchdog stop
    autodeploy-register --unregister -a localhost -l
    If you never started Auto Deploy on the appliance, this step is not necessary.
    By default, the Auto Deploy daemon is not running.
  2. The next step depends on whether you want to confirm the vCenter Server thumbprint while registering.
    • Register and pass in a thumbprint that you created earlier as part of the registration.
      autodeploy-register --register -a vcenter-ip -u username -w password -R -T thumbprint
    • Register without using a thumbprint.
      autodeploy-register --register -a vcenter-ip -u username -w password -R
  3. Restart the Auto Deploy daemon
    service vmware-rbd-watchdog restart