You can install, upgrade, or migrate ESXi from a CD/DVD drive using a script that specifies the installation or upgrade options.

About this task

You can start the installation or upgrade script by entering a boot option when you start the host. You can also create an installer ISO image that includes the installation script. With an installer ISO image, you can perform a scripted, unattended installation when you boot the resulting installer ISO image. See Create an Installer ISO Image with a Custom Installation or Upgrade Script.


Before you run the scripted installation, upgrade, or migration, verify that the following prerequisites are met:


  1. Boot the ESXi installer from the CD or DVD using the local CD/DVD-ROM drive.
  2. When the ESXi installer window appears, press Shift+O to edit boot options.

    ESXi Installer screen

  3. Type a boot option that calls the default installation or upgrade script or an installation or upgrade script file that you created.

    The boot option has the form ks=.

  4. Press Enter.


The installation, upgrade, or migration runs, using the options that you specified.