Auto Deploy server software is included with the vCenter Server installation media. This proof of concept setup installs the Auto Deploy server on the system on which vCenter Server is installed.

Auto Deploy is supported only if you are using the same version of Auto Deploy and the vCenter Server system. For example, if you are using vCenter Server 5.5, install Auto Deploy server 5.5. If you have an Auto Deploy 5.0 server installed and you cannot upgrade the Auto Deploy server, see Problems if You Upgrade vCenter Server But Do Not Upgrade Auto Deploy Server.



  1. Log in to the console of the Windows system on which vCenter Server is installed with administrator privileges, either directly or by using RDP.
  2. Secure the installation media for the Auto Deploy server software.
    vCenter Server type Action
    Virtual Download the vSphere installer CD ISO image and place the ISO on a data store the vCenter Server can access.
    Physical Download the vSphere installer CD ISO image and burn it to disk.
  3. Make the ISO available to the vCenter Server.
    vCenter Server type Action
    Virtual Attach the CD-ROM drive to the ISO, either by using the ESXi or from the datastore.
    Physical Insert the DVD into the physical server's drive.
  4. Run Autoplay on the DVD.
  5. Select Auto Deploy Server and click Install.
  6. When the installer wizard prompts you for the Repository Location, browse to the volume or hard drive that has enough storage for Auto Deploy use and select that location.
    Network shares are not an option when you install Auto Deploy.
  7. Leave the defaults for everything else.
  8. When the installer prompts you for credentials, use your vCenter Server administrator credentials.

What to do next