You can restore a backup of your Inventory Service database for disaster recovery, after a vCenter Server upgrade, or to move the database to a new machine.

The machine that you back up the database from is the source machine. The machine that you restore the database to is the destination machine.


  • Consult your database administrator about backing up and restoring databases.
  • Verify that you have system administrator privileges to perform backup or restore operations.


  1. On the destination machine, stop the Inventory Service.
    1. From the Windows Administrative Tools control panel, select Services.
    2. Right-click VMware vCenter Inventory Service and select Stop.
      The Status changes from Started to blank.
  2. On the destination machine, open the command prompt in the vCenter Server and change the directory to vCenter Server install location\Infrastructure\Inventory Service\scripts.
  3. Run the following command at the command prompt to restore the Inventory Service database.
    restore -backup backup_file_name
    When the restore operation finishes, the message The Restore completed successfully message appears.