The following tables describe the information that is included in Alarm-based and Event-based email notifications. The first table decribes the information included in all email notifications; the second table describes additional information that is includeded in Event-based notifications.

Table 1. Basic STMP Email Notification Details

Email Entry



Object for which the alarm was triggered.

Old Status

Previous alarm status. Applies only to state triggers.

New Status

Current alarm status. Applies only to state triggers.

Metric Value

Threshold value that triggered the alarm. Applies only to metric condition triggers.

Alarm Definition

Alarm definition in vCenter Server, including the alarm name and status.


Localized string containing a summary of the alarm. For example:

Alarm New_Alarm on changed from Gray to Red.

Table 2. Additional Notification Details for Alarms Triggered by Events



Event Details

VMODL event type name.


Alarm summary, including the event type, alarm name, and target object.


Time and date the alarm was triggered.


Person who initiated the action that caused the event to be created. Events caused by an internal system activity do not have a UserName value.


Host on which the alarm was triggered.

Resource Pool

Resource pool on which the alarm was triggered.


Datacenter on which the alarm was triggered.


Arguments passed with the alarm and their values.