Use traffic shaping policies to control the bandwidth and burst size on a port group.


  1. Browse to a host in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
  2. Click the Manage tab, and click Networking > Virtual Switches.
  3. Select a standard switch from the list.
    A topology diagram of the standard switch infrastructure appears.
  4. Select a port group and click Edit settings above the diagram.
  5. Click Traffic Shaping and click the Override check box to override the traffic shaping policy at the standard port group level and enter settings.
    Option Description
    Status If you enable the policy exception in the Status field, you are setting limits on the amount of networking bandwidth allocated for each virtual adapter associated with this particular port group. If you disable the policy, services have a free and clear connection to the physical network.
    Average Bandwidth A value measured over a particular period of time.
    Peak Bandwidth Limits the maximum bandwidth during a burst. It can never be smaller than the average bandwidth.
    Burst Size Specifies how large a burst can be in kilobytes (KB).
  6. Click OK.