Delete a traffic rule on a distributed port or uplink port to stop filtering or marking certain type of packets that are flowing to a virtual machine or a physical adapter.


Enable the port-level override option for this policy. See Edit Advanced Distributed Port Group Settings with the vSphere Web Client.


  1. Navigate to a distributed port or an uplink port.
    • To navigate to the distributed ports of the switch, click Manage > Ports.

    • To navigate to the uplink ports of an uplink port group, click Related Objects > Uplink Port Groups, double-click an uplink port group from the list, and select Ports on the Manage tab.

  2. Select a port from the list.
  3. Click Edit distributed port settings.
  4. Select Traffic filtering and marking.
  5. If traffic filtering and marking is not enabled at the port level, click Override, and from the Status drop-down menu, select Enabled.
  6. Select the rule and click Delete.
  7. Click OK.