You can change the DNS and default gateway configuration of a TCP/IP stack on a host, the congestion control algorithm, the maximum number of connections, and the name of custom TCP/IP stacks.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the host.
  2. Click Manage, click Networking, and select TCP/IP configuration.
  3. Select a stack from the table and click Edit.
  4. On the Name page, you can change the name of a custom TCP/IP stack.
  5. On the DNS configuration page, select a method of obtaining DNS server information.



    Obtain settings automatically from virtual network adapter

    From the VMKernel network adapter drop-down menu, select a network adapter.

    Enter settings manually

    1. Edit the Host name.

    2. Edit the Domain name.

    3. Type a preferred DNS server IP address.

    4. Type an alternate DNS server IP address.

    5. Use the Search domains text box to look for hosts with specific names.

  6. On the Routing page, edit the VMkernel gateway information.

    Removing the default gateway might cause the client to lose connectivity with the host.

  7. On the Advanced page, edit the congestion control algorithm of the stack and the maximum number of connections.
  8. Click OK.