General settings for a vSphere Distributed Switch include the switch name and number of uplinks. Advanced settings for a distributed switch include Cisco Discovery Protocol and the maximum MTU for the switch.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the distributed switch.
  2. Click Manage tab, click Settings, and select Properties.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click General to edit the vSphere Distributed Switch settings.




    Type the name for the distributed switch.

    Number of uplinks

    Select the number of uplink ports for the distributed switch.

    Click Edit Uplink Names to change the names of the uplinks.

    Number of ports

    The number of ports for this distributed switch. This cannot be edited.

    Network I/O Control

    Use the drop-down menu to enable or disable Network I/O control.


    Add or modify a description of the distributed switch settings.

  5. Click Advanced to edit the vSphere Distributed Switch settings.



    MTU (Bytes)

    Maximum MTU size for the vSphere Distributed Switch. To enable jumbo frames, set a value greater than 1500 bytes.

    Discovery Protocol

    1. Select Cisco Discovery Protocol, Link Layer Discovery Protocol, or disabled from the Type drop-down menu.

    2. Set Operation to Listen, Advertise, or Both.

    For information about Discovery Protocol, see Switch Discovery Protocol.

    Administrator Contact

    Type the name and other details of the administrator for the distributed switch.

  6. Click OK.