If you have two sites and reinstall the vSphere Replication Management Server appliance or reset its database, configuring replications fails.

The other site contains information on the old appliance and database, and prevents you from configurating new replications. You might see the following error message:

Attempt to configure vSphere Replication for already replicated VM '<VM Name>' while creating group
'<VM Name>'. 
There is another virtual machine '<VM Name>' that has the same instance UUID '<UUID>' as the one that you
try to configure.

The existing vSphere Replication is configured for protection site '<Site Name>', please refer to the 
documentation for troubleshooting options.


  1. Reinstall VRMS at the other site or reset its database.
  2. Connect the sites and register any additional vSphere Replication Server appliances.
  3. Remove any temporary hbr* files left over from the target datastore folders.
  4. Configure all replications, reusing the existing replica .vmdk files as replication seeds.