Predefining default values in a configuration file for the tool helps prevent typing errors and saves time. With default values predefined, the tool no longer prompts you for those values. You cannot specify default passwords.

Predefining default values is not required, but might help speed up the process later. If the tool does not encounter defaults, it prompts you.


Verify that the vCenter Certificate Automation Tool is not running. The tool reads the values in ssl-environment.bat when you start it.


  1. Open ssl-environment.bat in a text editor.
  2. Specify parameters that you want to change for each vSphere component that requires updated certificates.
    For example, for vCenter Server, you can edit the vc_cert_chain, vc_private_key, and vc_username parameters.
  3. Save and close ssl-environment.bat.
  4. Start the tool.
    The tool picks up your default values each time you start it.


The vCenter Certificate Automation Tool saves the information and uses it to automatically prefill required input.

What to do next

Generate certificate requests if necessary, or run the update planner if you deployed on multiple machines to plan your certificate update tasks. See Run the Update Planner.