You can remove an entire disk group or selected disks from the disk group.

You can remove disks or disk groups only when Virtual SAN is in manual mode. For the automatic disk claim mode, the remove action is not supported.

Note: Removing a single SSD disk or all non-SSDs from the disk group, removes the entire disk group.


Because removing disks might be disruptive for the Virtual SAN datastore and virtual machines on the datastore, make sure that no virtual machines use the disks or the disk group that you remove. To achieve this, place the Virtual SAN host in maintenance mode.


  1. Browse to the Virtual SAN cluster in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
  2. Click the Manage tab and click Settings.
  3. Under Virtual SAN, click Disk Management.
  4. Remove a disk group or selected disks.
    Option Description
    Remove the Disk Group
    Under Disk Groups, select the disk group to remove, and click the Remove the Disk Group icon.
    Note: The Remove the Disk Group icon does not appear when the Virtual SAN cluster is set up in automatic mode. The icon appears only when the cluster is in manual mode.
    Remove the Selected Disk
    1. Under Disk Groups, select the disk group that contains the disk to remove.
    2. Under Disks, select the disk to remove, and click the Remove the Selected Disks icon.


Any SSDs that you remove from Virtual SAN become available for such features as Flash Read Cache.