When you prepare your FC SAN storage to work with ESXi, you must follow specific general requirements that apply to all storage arrays.

For all storage arrays, make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • LUNs must be presented to each HBA of each host with the same LUN ID number.

    Because instructions on how to configure identical SAN LUN IDs are vendor specific, consult your storage array documentation for more information.

  • Unless specified for individual storage arrays, set the host type for LUNs presented to ESXi to Linux, Linux Cluster, or, if available, to vmware or esx.
  • If you are using vMotion, DRS, or HA, make sure that both source and target hosts for virtual machines can see the same LUNs with identical LUN IDs.

    SAN administrators might find it counterintuitive to have multiple hosts see the same LUNs because they might be concerned about data corruption. However, VMFS prevents multiple virtual machines from writing to the same file at the same time, so provisioning the LUNs to all required ESXi system is appropriate.