For NetApp storage systems to communicate within an ESXi environment, you must perform specific configuration steps.

For additional documentation on NetApp and VMware best practices and SAN solutions, search the NetApp web page.

Table 1. Configuration Steps
Configuration Step Description
Disable ALUA for 7-mode. If any of your iSCSI initiators are a part of an initiator group (igroup), disable ALUA on the 7-mode NetApp controller. Clustered ONTAP is ALUA only.
Set up multipathing. When you set up multipathing between two iSCSI HBAs and multiple ports on a NetApp storage system, give each HBA a different iSCSI initiator name.

The NetApp storage system only permits one connection for each target and each initiator. Attempts to make additional connections cause the first connection to drop. Therefore, a single HBA should not attempt to connect to multiple IP addresses associated with the same NetApp target.

Set LUN type and initiator group type.

Set the appropriate LUN type and initiator group type for the storage system:

  • LUN type – VMware (if VMware type is not available, use Linux).
  • Initiator group type – VMware (if VMware type is not available, use Linux).
Provision storage. Use either FilerView or CLI.