An ESXi host can access storage devices presented from multiple storage arrays, including arrays from different vendors.

When you use multiple arrays from different vendors, the following considerations apply:
  • If your host uses the same Storage Array Type Plugin (SATP) for multiple arrays, be careful when you need to change the default Path Selection Policy (PSP) for that SATP. The change will apply to all arrays. For information on SATPs and PSPs, see Understanding Multipathing and Failover.
  • Some storage arrays make recommendations on queue depth and other settings. Typically, these settings are configured globally at the ESXi host level. Making a change for one array impacts other arrays that present LUNs to the host. For information on changing queue depth, see the VMware knowledge base article at
  • Use single-initiator-single-target zoning when zoning ESXi hosts to Fibre Channel arrays. With this type of configuration, fabric related events that occur on one array do not impact other arrays. For more information about zoning, see Using Zoning with Fibre Channel SANs.