An independent hardware iSCSI adapter is a specialized third-party adapter capable of accessing iSCSI storage over TCP/IP. This iSCSI adapter handles all iSCSI and network processing and management for your ESXi system.

The setup and configuration process for the independent hardware iSCSI adapters involves these steps:

  1. Check whether the adapter needs to be licensed.

    See your vendor documentation.

  2. Install the adapter.

    For installation information and information on firmware updates, see vendor documentation.

  3. Verity that the adapter is installed correctly.

    See View Independent Hardware iSCSI Adapters in the vSphere Web Client.

  4. Configure discovery information.

    See Configuring Discovery Addresses for iSCSI Adapters.

  5. (Optional) Configure CHAP parameters.

    See Configuring CHAP Parameters for iSCSI Adapters.

  6. (Optional) Enable Jumbo Frames.

    See Using Jumbo Frames with iSCSI.