Virtual SAN automatically configures and registers a storage provider for each host in the Virtual SAN cluster.

The Virtual SAN storage providers report a set of underlying storage capabilities to vCenter Server. They also communicate with the Virtual SAN layer to report the storage requirements of the virtual machines. For more information about storage providers, see Using Storage Providers.

Virtual SAN registers a separate storage provider for each host in the Virtual SAN cluster, using the following URL:


where host_ip is the actual IP of the host.

Verify that the storage providers are registered.


  1. Browse to the vCenter Server in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
  2. Click the Manage tab, and click Storage Providers.


The storage providers for Virtual SAN appear on the list. All hosts have a storage provider, but only one is active. Storage provider that belong to other hosts are in standby. If the host that currently has the online storage provider fails, another host will bring its provider online.

What to do next

If you delete or unregister the Virtual SAN storage provider for troubleshooting purposes, you can register it manually. See Register Storage Providers.