If you query for local SSDs during creation of a virtual flash resource or Virtual SAN configuration, the ESXi host might not return a complete list of the local SSDs.


ESXi might not be able to automatically detect SSDs, or recognize them as local.


ESXi does not recognize certain devices as SSDs when their vendors do not support automatic SSD detection. In other cases, some non-SATA SAS SSDs might not be detected as local. When disks are not recognized as local SSDs, they are excluded from the list of SSDs available for such features that require only local SSDs.


You might need to manually tag disks as SSDs or as local.

  • If ESXi does not automatically recognize its disks as SSDs, tag them as SSD disks. See Tag Devices as SSD.
  • If ESXi does not detect SSD disks as local, manually set them as local. See Tag Devices as Local.