You can remediate hosts against baselines that contain patches or extensions. Depending on the patch criteria you select, patch baselines can be either dynamic or fixed.

About this task

Dynamic patch baselines contain a set of patches, which updates automatically according to patch availability and the criteria that you specify. Fixed baselines contain only patches that you select, regardless of new patch downloads.

Extension baselines contain additional software modules for ESX/ESXi hosts. This additional software might be VMware software or third-party software. You can install additional modules by using extension baselines, and update the installed modules by using patch baselines.

If your vCenter Server system is part of a connected group in vCenter Linked Mode, and you have more than one Update Manager instance, patch and extension baselines that you create are not applicable to all inventory objects managed by other vCenter Server systems in the group. Baselines are specific for the Update Manager instance you select.


Ensure that you have the Manage Baseline privilege.