You can automate the process to upgrade VMware Tools for the virtual machines in your inventory.

About this task

You can set up Update Manager to perform a check of the VMware Tools version when a machine is powered on or restarted. If necessary, Update Manager upgrades VMware Tools to the latest version supported by the host that is running the virtual machine.

When you perform a VMware Tools upgrade on power cycle, Update Manager does not take a snapshot of the virtual machine, and you cannot roll back to the previous version.


Connect the vSphere Client to a vCenter Server system with which Update Manager is registered. If your vCenter Server system is a part of a connected group in vCenter Linked Mode, specify the Update Manager instance by selecting the name of the corresponding vCenter Server system in the navigation bar.


To enable upgrading of VMware Tools on power cycle, use one of the following options.



VMware Tools upgrade settings

  1. On the Home page of the vSphere Client , select VMs and Templates and click the Update Manager tab.

  2. Select a virtual machine or a container object from the inventory.

  3. Click VMware Tools upgrade settings.

  4. In the Edit VMware Tools upgrade settings window, select the check boxes of the virtual machines for which you want to enable VMware Tools upgrade on power cycle.

  5. Click Apply.

Check and update Tools during power cycle

  1. Right-click an object in the vSphere inventory and select Edit Settings.

  2. On the Options tab, click VMware Tools.

  3. In the Advanced section, select the Check and upgrade Tools during power cycling checkbox.

  4. Click OK.


The next time the virtual machines are restarted or powered on, Update Manager checks the version of VMware Tools installed in the machines and performs an upgrade, if necessary.