Because of loss of network connectivity or a server restart, the connection between the Update Manager plug-in and the Update Manager server or vCenter Server system might get interrupted.


The connection between the Update Manager plug-in and the Update Manager server or vCenter Server system is interrupted, when the servers are restarting or are stopped. In such a case various symptoms are observed.

  • Update Manager plug-in displays a modal reconnection dialog, and after 15-20 seconds, a failure message appears. The plug-in for the Update Manager server in use disappears from the vSphere Client.
  • Update Manager plug-in displays a modal reconnection dialog. Within 15-20 seconds, the dialog disappears, and the plug-in can be used.
  • If you select to use a vCenter Server system with which a stopped Update Manager server is registered, the Update Manager plug-in shows a modal reconnection dialog and tries to reconnect to the newly selected Update Manager server for 15-20 seconds.
  • vSphere Client disables all tabs for the vCenter Server system. The Update Manager plug-in is disabled. When the vCenter Server system is available again, the Update Manager plug-in is automatically enabled for it.


  • The Update Manager server in use stops and is not available for more than 15-20 seconds.
  • The Update Manager server in use restarts, and the service becomes available within 15-20 seconds.
  • An Update Manager server that is not currently in use stops.
  • vCenter Server stops.


  • If the Update Manager server has stopped, start the Update Manager service.
    Note: Although the Update Manager plug-in is shown as enabled, you have to disable and enable the plug-in after the connection is restored.

    If you select to use another vCenter Server system from the connected group, and the Update Manager registered with this vCenter Server system is running, the Update Manager plug-in is available for the running Update Manager server.

  • If the Update Manager server has restarted, wait for the Update Manager service to become available.
  • If the Update Manager server has stopped, start the Update Manager service.
  • If the vCenter Server service has stopped, start the vCenter Server service.